Over the years my wife and I have been fortunate to work with many realtors across Ontario in both professional and personal capacities. Our recent need was to sell what we thought would be our forever home but sometimes life has other plans and we just had to adapt. Being very close to so many of these amazing professionals in the Kingston area (of which there are lots) could have been difficult to say the least. My wife and I had to look at this choice from a perspective that suited our very specific needs that was taking virtually all of our time.It was a great choice and a short conversation that had us picking up the phone to call Michelle and Joe. From the first official visit to the home we immediately but not intentionally bombarded them with the long list of personal challenges we would be dealing with. Some may have declined taking it on but not Michelle and Joe. Although our paths crossed often, never for our own stuff so to speak. These two wonderful people very quickly put our minds at ease. Crystal and I felt like we had family working with us at a time we needed it the most. They took complete control and made sure that all the other parties to be involved (contractors and so on) were held to a schedule and did great work to get ready for market. Through their contacts we saved money and time. So the day came and Michelle and Joe came over to take one more peek and put the sign up on the lawn. After a quick little note to the other realtors in town and before the listing even went public the phone rang. Late that night our first showing and eventual buyers were found. From sign to offer took 5 hours. We are now firm and packing up ready to hit the road with Michelle and Joe to find Crystals dream and “this time” forever home near our family.

After the longest paragraph in history I will end this wonderful story with three pieces of advise for anyone buying or selling

1- Always use a realtor, Save a dime elsewhere or it will cost you huge in the long run
2- Hire Michelle and Joe
3- Never forget rule number 2

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